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Fasssauna mobil - 1 Tag - Klitmøller

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Give your surf session, Cold Hawaii event or private party a great extra boost, with our new, wonderful mobile sauna, which is heated via a wood-burning stove. The sauna is mounted on a trailer, which can be placed anywhere on firm ground. There can be up to 6 people in the sauna.
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- 1 day rent is 699kr (excluding delivery, firewood and kindling) - You can buy firewood and kindling from us. It costs 100kr per pack. - The rental period starts at 10:00 and the sauna must be returned at 09:00 the following day. - Delivery in Klitmøller town costs 200kr - Delivery outside Klitmøller city costs 200kr plus 5kr per km driven (both ways, and both for delivery and collection) - It is IMPORTANT that you only pour fresh, clean water on the stove. You MUST NOT pour salt water, essential oils or alcohol on the stones! - Remember to use the wash bucket for your feet before entering the sauna - this helps to keep the sauna clean and nice for the next users. - The sauna must be cleaned, before we pick it up. Thank you :)

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